How to Join the Pool

Welcome to Lake Ridge Swim Club

We are open to the public. You must purchase a pass below to attend.
Membership passes are available in the following options. A Daily Pass rate requires a $5/visit fee per person. The other flat rate membership options allow UNLIMITED access during member hours.

2021 TYPES MEMBERSHIP 1/15 3/1 5/1 5/31 CIF
Family (adult(s) + Children)  $          415  $          465  $          490  $          535  $                       150
Single (1 p)  $          200  $          225  $          250  $          275  $                       150
Couple (2 pp)  $          310  $          340  $          360  $          415  $                       150
Senior Single (1 p)  $          200  $          225  $          250  $          275  $                       150
Senior Couple (2 pp)  $          310  $          340  $          360  $          415  $                       150
*Daily Pass (NEW)  $ 150  $          150  $          150  $          150 (no CIF/
$5/visit pp)


Please create a new account OR log in to your account using the login credentials that were emailed to your primary email address. We ask that when you first log into the new system, please take a moment to verify all of your account information and make any corrections needed.  Once you have updated your account you will be able to pay your 2021 Membership Dues.

CIF Payments

CIF payments of $150 are due by Memorial Day (5/31/21). You will receive an invoice or notification to login to you account and pay via email. Daily Pass members are not required to pay the CIF. The $150 CIF will be refunded upon completion of 15 volunteer hours worked. Volunteer days/opportunities are announced by email.

Daily Pass Memberships

The Daily Pass is a pay as you go option with a $150 join fee and a $5 per person/visit fee for each person attending. The $150 is for a household. Guests are invited to attend at $5/person. *Note: Daily Pass members do not have voting rights.

Guest Fees

Guests are allowed in 2021. Guest fees are $3/guest for flat rate members and $5/guest for Daily Pass members.



There is one payment option:

  • Pay with a credit card online

Refund Policy

The refund policy is outlined in the bylaws and states that memberships are not refundable but may be transferred or sold. For details please email